The author is Lauren Tarharis. The genre is historical fiction. The story is about a boy named George. George and his sister Phoebe are riding the Titanic nad everybody says its unsinkable, but the unthinkable happens. The Titanic hits an iceburge  and water rushes in. George is stranded and alone. Can he survive this? So read "I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic".
This book is by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. This book is a fantasic fantasy.The story takes place in Ms.Frizzel's class. The class is doing a science fair project and the students don't have any ideas.So Ms. Frizzel takes the to a science mueseum. Then a crazy thing happens, they get on this cardboard bus  in the mueseum. Then they go back in time and meet all sorts of scientists.I enjoyed this book and you will to when you read The Magic School bus and the Science Fair Expedition. Try it if your interested or interested in what scientist do!
This book is by Kazu Kibushi.This book is a fantastic fantasy.The story is about a girl named Emily and a boy named Navin. They left there old house and went to a new and mysterious one with there mom. Then at there first night there their mom gets kiddnaped by a squid creature and now it is up to Navin and Emily to save their mom.So the people who like grafic novels should read this book and I would give this book four stars because it has action and drama.So read Amulet Book One Stonekeeper.